Lets Get Communities in Government

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Child Labor, War, Modern-Slavery, Gun -Violence, Corruption, and Depressed-Youth and adults get worse and worse. The world needs communities who want to change this negative programmed life we are in now.  The world needs Leaders with New inspiring Government policies and System ideas.

There is an ugly disconnected gap between political world leaders and many communities who truly care about human rights, freedom, and the environment. Most politicians are still chasing their ego for more status and money. Most governments mainly want to create more systems corporations, foundations and organizations that only benefit themselves.

We need to connect Community leaders with Government.

A government system these days is not really concerned with peace, saving our planet or its inhabitants. The painful truth is far from it.

We need new humanity and environmental laws that will spread passion for Humanity, world freedom and peace.

All World Talk Inspires, Supports, and Motivates People and Humanity Organizations with a heart for saving earth, and loving kindness and passion for humanity.

All World Talk is aware that there are many people like you and me that seek this real freedom. We all want positive world leaders with passion for their career and making it one with their community.

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Hi, my name is Arlette Ottow, and I would like to take you on an adventure of life and all that we come across! I am incredibly grateful that I could travel and live-in different countries. Yes, this is luck but most it is, following my heart, and a desperate inner need for real freedom. Born with Indonesian heritage, made me want to explore more of the world and live my life-Alife! I feel that this is what God's universe naturally forces me to do. This is me!

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