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All world Talk & AWT Radio is looking for life smart people who can create New Ideas, Innovative approaches, and create New Solutions to make a real difference in our World!

  • Pollution and how to replace plastic
  • Global warming
  • Survivor Stories
  • New political systems and a divided positive power with community
  • Human trafficking
  • How to help victims and stop Modern slavery
  • Depressed and suicidal Youth
  • Totally New education and school systems
  • Gun violence
  • Parenting
  • Veterans and P.T.S.D
  • Share your Story


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Hi, my name is Arlette Ottow, and I would like to take you on an adventure of life and all that we come across! I am incredibly grateful that I could travel and live-in different countries. Yes, this is luck but most it is, following my heart, and a desperate inner need for real freedom. Born with Indonesian heritage, made me want to explore more of the world and live my life-Alife! I feel that this is what God's universe naturally forces me to do. This is me!

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