Natural agriculture

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Nowadays, industrial agriculture orientates itself on productivity and profits, all too often forgetting its own roots in the process. But agriculture does not end at the border of your own allotment. Agriculture has an immense influence on the health of the soil and thus of a country and its inhabitants. Natural agriculture includes the microorganisms in the soil, the animals, and also the food that is produced, and it concerns farmers and consumers alike. It is only when agriculture takes Nature and its creatures into consideration, and not just the economics, will it be able to serve its valuable purpose.

If possible, shop directly at the farms in your neighborhood. They need your support and encouragement.

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Focus on Natural agriculture

The forest works wonders

When you go into the forest, you recharge your batteries, because trees are life, they are natural medicine in its purest form. The many different sensory impressions to which we are exposed in the forest have a calming effect on our nervous system; the chirping of birds, the sight of green leaves, possibly the babbling […] Read on…