A Healthy Earth Keeps Us Breathing

Earth is the most beautiful planet in this solar system if not in the entire galaxy. It has the most important thing that probably no other planet has: Water & Life. We human beings, along with all the other living creatures both big and small, represent this life. Earth has been acting like a parent of us providing us with food, clothing, and shelter and fulfilling our requirements. But what have we given back in return?

Back in olden times, the earth was filled with greenery. Beautiful trees and flowers filled the forest. These forests served as a home to so many species of animals and birds. The rivers would flow through the mountains in the midst of the forest. The water in these rivers was so pure that one could see the fish swimming in it. Our planet was pure, our planet was clean, and our planet was good.

But with the development of mankind, human beings slowly destroyed this beautiful planet. Humans are like an infection. Pure evil is a man who seeks to enslave Mother Earth destroying all the gifts she’s given pure of heart.

Since the development of our cities and lifestyle, everything has changed.  Read More 

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Hi, my name is Arlette Ottow, and I would like to take you on an adventure of life and all that we come across! I am incredibly grateful that I could travel and live-in different countries. Yes, this is luck but most it is, following my heart, and a desperate inner need for real freedom. Born with Indonesian heritage, made me want to explore more of the world and live my life-Alife! I feel that this is what God's universe naturally forces me to do. This is me!

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