Global Civil and political rights.

ONE World Politics, Communities and Climate-change Victims  

All World Talk brings together researchers, policy makers, academics, independent thinkers, members of non-governmental organizations, members of governmental organizations, and political activists to make changes, debates and political changes focusing on climate change, victims of climate change, policy makers about climate change actions, community’s compensation and human rights, culture, the environment, green energy.

Special emphasis on the progress of actions that transform climate change affect victims and communities into political waters.

Where is the climate change global democracy? As the globally governmental markets in coalmines, Palm oil Industry, industrial agriculture and governmental corporations determine national and local policy so will their reach and influence dominate.

Unfortunately, no plan for communities, climate change victims and their representatives because they are being diminished.

All World Talk Agency fights for Judicial interventions and public interest litigation about clean water and new water sources, hunger, and starvation, saving soil (agriculture) rehabilitating coal mine fields, deforestation, bio farming, support in each region in the world. Public actions to make communities more aware of their rights so they can make government aware of its responsibilities.

All World Talk will, and its members will focus on the politics of deploying ‘climate change’ programs of development, empowering people, free democracy, and freedom. It is time that globally political landscapes will shift. Many aspired activists bring communications and actions about radical political and social change.

All World talk Members will intervene in climate change victims and communities to assist them with, their needs, goals, actions, solutions, and development with the purpose of human rights, self-management, knowledge will create and give them greater control in their situation that will affect their lives and community tremendously.