Why is it that slavery still exists and how come slavery never ends.

Nowadays slave-owners and their human trafficking organizations can still make billions by selling people like it was done in history. To do this ugly business means that selling humanity so easily and openly it is done right now clearly means that country government systems still shut their eyes for these evil activities and yes even worse, systems contribute  themselves in several ways and often keep their silence to much. A system is often the vision creator of slavery and discrimination. 

Systems are mostly build for obtaining more wealth, power, and political influence in the world. Because of a wrong country government system today,, positive results and solutions for global warming, war, modern slavery, gun violence, corruption, depressed youth, will not be reached and gets worse and worse. The world needs communities who want to change this negative system vision we are now programmed in.  The world needs people with positive new system ideas that will spread passion for freedom and peace, a hearth for saving earth, and loving kindness for humanity.  Fortunate we see today there are more and more people who seek this real freedom, positive world leaders, and passion to create a new government system that is one with their community.

All World Talk Fight for Freedom.

Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X and many more were fighting to prevent a government system from taking their freedom. Fighting a government for freedom and being freed from a government that abuses their power. This fight for freedom and equal rights is still necessary and ongoing in many countries today.

Colonization back than and ongoing government abuse of their power and government law now, are very similar and have many roots from their government system structure and their elite society clubs in history. A government system often pretends they are an honest system leader and that they are concerned with peace, saving our planet and its inhabitants. The painful truth is far from it, and there is an ugly disconnected gap between political world leaders and our communities who truly care about human rights, freedom and environment. Government and politicians are still chasing their ego for more status and money,  and create more and more system corporations, foundations and organizations that only benefit themselves.

Because of these false government pretenses and their investments in system corporations, many people became sheep of nowadays society and do not even see the root of all wrongdoing system corporations, foundations and organizations have underneath.

We all have this desire for real freedom, but a big part of this desire in freedom, is controlled by our powerful established government system and their corporations without us even knowing that we are programmed and adept this into our daily life’s awareness. Growing up and living in these kind of  systems doesn’t justify it, when a system controls our mind it take’s our freedom.

“The only tyrant I accept in this world is the ‘still small voice’ within”… Mahatma Gandhi 

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