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Why is it that Slavery still exists and how do we Free Humanity

Nowadays slave-owners and their human trafficking organizations can still make billions by selling people like it was done in history. To sell and discriminate a human being so easily and openly like how it is done right now, clearly means that global government systems shut their eyes to much for this humanitarian wrongdoing.


Humanity organizations and communities who stand for saving earth, humanity and equal rights, must be more involved/work/connected with Government and political systems. This way freedom fighters  create more equal rights and power in making government decisions, government laws, political regulations and protection for earth and humanity. 

The world needs communities and organizations who want to make meaningful changes 

The world needs people with positive new political ideas that will spread passion for freedom and peace, a hearth for saving earth, and loving kindness for humanity. 

Fortunate we see today there are more and more people who seek this real freedom and seek for positive world leaders. More and more communities with passion for earth and humanity want to be more involved and create new government laws and agreements. A government that is one with their community, fight for freedom and our earth.People (communities) and politicians (Government) who are one truly care for our environment and humanity.

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