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Children grow up with a lot of technology and spend their daily life seeing their role models use phone, tablet, computer and watching television. At an early age child will copy their parent’s behavior and a child becomes programmed to express and identifies themselves with technology. Because of these most human values like playing outside, using their imagination, Love, kindness, compassion, and communication a happy, and peaceful quality of life will be experienced poorly.

If there is love, there is hope to have real families, real brotherhood, real equanimity, real peace. If the love within your mind is lost, if you continue to see other beings as enemies, then no matter how much knowledge or education you have, no matter how much material progress is made, only suffering and confusion will ensue. ~ Dalai Lama



Down below source and Click here for more: The Dalai Lama’s message to the world 

Our species needs to understand how we are a living part of Nature, to stop us from falling into the deluded thinking patterns and emotional dramas we create. We need to see how our compartmentalized worldviews create conflict (both inner and outer), limiting our ability to cooperate with those who think differently than we do, suppressing our potential for deeper peace, balance, wisdom, compassion, and joy.

Learning from Our Indigenous Family

Many Indigenous cultures identify daily with the Source of Life, with Nature and the Earth community. This identification is important, understanding the greater whole (and feeling gratitude in their hearts) guides the community with problem-solving and decision-making.

Our indigenous cultures have so much wisdom we can learn from.






Indigenous cultures have practices to help them stay conscious of their Earth identity and responsibility to the planet, as well as human generations into the future. Because of this, native cultures have lived more in balance and harmony with the Earth.

Can civilization’s people grow wiser and more aware of our connection to the Earth, more compassionate towards other creatures and fellow human beings? We must because the Earth really is at a crisis point. The struggle now of Native Americans trying to stop an oil pipeline at Standing Rock, is indicative of the challenge we face, as a species. We need to come together and challenge those still caught up in mindsets of fear, materialism, and greed. But will be more successful if our efforts are grounded in a unique way of thinking, guided by wisdom, gratitude, and love.

Connecting with the Earth, each other, and love will save humanity and the planet.

Changing Our Thoughts, Feelings And Actions


Author: Allworldtalk

Hi, my name is Arlette Ottow, and I would like to take you on an adventure of life and all that we come across! I am incredibly grateful that I could travel and live-in different countries. Yes, this is luck but most it is, following my heart, a desperate inner need for reel freedom, my path and purpose in life. Feel this is what the universe naturally forces me to do. This is me!

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