Breaking the Wall

Donald Trump made his case for the US to expand its wall on the southern border.

The US president blamed criminal gangs and “vast quantities of illegal drugs” for “thousands of deaths”, described the situation at the border with Mexico as a humanitarian crisis and argued that the current immigration system allows “vicious coyotes and ruthless gangs” to prey on immigrants, especially women and children.

Trump’s arguments often rely on inaccurate or dated statistics and lack important context about the situation at the border, which, as always, is complicated.

Here are six things you should know about the president’s address.

1. A wall won’t stop drug traffickers

2. Illegal immigration to the US has plummeted

3. People in the US illegally often enter legally

4. Unaccompanied children and families seeking asylum are approaching the border at overwhelming rates

5. Terrorists rarely enter the US through Mexico

6. US citizens can also be dangerous criminals

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