All World Talk United Vision

There is an ugly disconnected gap between world leaders and communities. Communities who must fight daily for climate change impacts in their life. No clean water, no food, rejuvenate their land, and miss many other of their human rights. All People in the world have a right to live their life in safety and freedom, and to be protected by their government. Universal Human Rights




Clean Water

Equal rights


This world, the ground we stand on nonmatter where you live, we borough it for the time we are alive, and the world is for us all. If global governments and world leaders made wrong decisions and as a result we have global warming, their actions impact us all tremendously.

World governments have the monopoly in the food chain, investing and subsidies industrial pesticide and toxic agriculture, and what we can buy and eat, monopoly in medical world and many more.

Because of Global Governments investment in coalmine, gas, palm oil, and industrial agriculture industry, medical, and surly many other involvements, we have Global Warming. 

All World Talk believes that our human rights and our equal rights can never be reached if there is no human opinion or human side in government. There must be two equal parties decide and rule as one. Together must lead to create a healthy economy, peace, and a heathy ecosystem in the world.

People breath because of our nature. We are connected. If Nature dies, so does humanity.

All World Talk is the library were any individual, communities, non-government or government humanity and environmental organizations, schools, students, and youth can join All World Talk and connect with each other.

All World Talk Center guides, and supports communities who have, lost their livelihood, hunger, no water source, or clean water due to climate change impacts.  All World Talk Members will train and coach them so they learn can set more pressure to government and gains them more power and equal positions in politics regarding environmental rights, human rights, and rights in climate-change new laws and agreements for the community.

Global World Leaders addressing climate change (Paris Agreement) Unfortunate it does not have a plan for communities and their human rights that are already suffering from the impacts of climate change Today!