All World Talk about Freedom, Free from government

What is Freedom?

Humanity lives for so long in a government system that we barely can imagine what real Freedom is.

Freedom is being your true self without being controlled by any one or any kind of system.

Silence your mind and your heart will speak”.

We all have this desire for freedom, but a big part is controlled by established systems without us even knowing it. Growing up in these systems doesn’t justify it. If it controls our mind and takes our freedom.

“The only tyrant I accept in this world is the ‘still small voice’ within”… Mahatma Gandhi 

Systems are mostly built for obtaining more wealth, power, and political influence in the world. Because of a wrong country government system today, global warming, war, modern slavery, gun violence, corruption, depressed youth, gets worse and worse. The world needs communities who want to change this negative system vision we are now programmed in.

The world needs people with positive new system ideas that will spread passion for freedom and peace, a hearth for saving earth, and loving kindness for humanity.  Fortunate we see today there are increased people who seek this real freedom, positive world leaders, and passion to create a new government system that is one with their community.